A fresh start

Reviving the blog. Again.

January 11, 2014

After yet another prolonged absence, I’m hoping the new year will mean better things for this blog. I’ve moved to a new domain registrar, a new host and a new blogging platform. After much deliberation, I moved away from Godaddy to Namecheap and it was hassle free. I kind of outgrew my old shared host (thanks to http://lvcs.net for the really cheap plan where I paid only about $5 a year for running a couple of sites). This is now hosted on a Openshift instance (for now).

Unfortunately, all is not well. I lost my source (markdown) files for the old content (which was generated by octopress) due to a hard drive crash. Thankfully, I have full backup of the HTML files, which means I can still get the content back with some hacky scripting. I have moved over to Pelican, as I work with Python these days and would be easier for me to customize and play around with.

I also have a couple of interesting projects lined up, which has taken me into unknown territory. My respect for Python has grown and I also have been fiddling around with Go which seems to be fit right in-between C and Python for me. Hopefully I will also start blogging regularly about my first love (HTML/CSS). Although I would love a custom design for this blog, it will take a while before I can get around to it.


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